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Free Initial Consultation:

A fundamental part of the service I offer is the initial consultation.

I will look at your lifestyle, aims and goals, general diet and posture to gain a picture of your present physical status, what you wish to achieve and the level of support you require.

This is where we have an open and honest discussion as to your over all lifestyle; family commitments, work hours, available time and subsequent eating habits.

We discuss your Aims and goals, I take away a clearer picture as to what you want to achieve. We will set out short, medium and long term goals from which I will create your individual programme to achieving them.

If you require any further information or wish to book your FREE Initail Consultation or Personal Training Sessions please do not hesitate to contact me by Clicking Here. Alternatively call me on 07845 292 628.

Sussex National Health Club Personal Trainer

Cheryl Miller Your Local Registered Exercise Professional
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