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Personal Health Check

If you choose to engage my services before we do anything, I will give you a health assessment. Ongoing health assessments are available to review your progress.

I will look at your lifestyle, aims and goals, general diet, static screening, strength, functional movement screening and posture to gain a full picture of your present physical status and required support.

Static screening: This allows me to gather information to use as a reference point to record and plot your ongoing programme and for you to see your progress and achievements.

This may include, weight, height, blood pressure, resting heart rate, peak expiratory flow and specific circumferences relevant to your goals.

Body Composition test: Knowing your weight is one thing, but there are other factors that can indicate more accurately, how healthy we are on the inside. I use a bioelectrical impedance scale; this passes a safe very week level electrical conduction through your body. These results help us track your physique and follow your health and fitness goals.

Recording: Basal metabolic rate, muscle mass and visceral fat rating, a key detector in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Flexibility and posture: I will look at your posture alignment and functional movement which provides a basis of a corrective profile where required. I use a sit and reach test to measure flexibility. This is designed to assess and monitor the suppleness in legs, hips and lower trunk.

Strength: Relevant to those wishing to build muscle and gain strength, helping to calculate the relevant weight loads in your programme.

Healthy eating guidance: I may ask you to complete a seven day food diary as part of a nutritional diet package, from which I will have a clearer idea of your overall diet and am than able to give guidance on a healthy eating plan to help you achieve your goals.

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