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Training Activities

I aim to keep you training routines new, interesting and motivating, a full fun pack hour of fitness.

Bespoke integrated programs of strength, conditioning, balance, coordination and advanced functional training ensure you and your body remain stimulated by frequently introducing new forms of exercise, thus avoiding the body to plato and ensuring you complete your workout and reach your goals in a safe and effective way in a realistic time frame.

A training session may include, taking it out side incorporating a run with a variety of other activities. May be an opportunity for you let off some frustration and steam on the pads whilst working your muscles and improving co-ordination skills, core strengthening exercises, battle rope and other challenging activities allowing you to push and challenge yourself towards your goals.

Routines indoors may include the use of step blocks, balance swiss balls, slam balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, body weight exercises, resistance bands, incorporating strength, functional mobility and flexibility movements and more.

Training programmes can also be geared to sports specific improvements, focusing on segregated movement, flexibility, stability, coordination, stamina and endurance, specific to your chosen discipline.

Each and every routine and programme is designed to meet the individual’s capability and geared towards achieving their own unique goals. All equipment will be provided.

If you require any further information or wish to book your FREE Initail Consultation or Personal Training Sessions please do not hesitate to contact me by Clicking Here. Alternatively call me on 07845 292 628.

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Cheryl Miller Your Local Registered Exercise Professional
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